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Social Class, Sex, and Public Space: A Recent Trip to Walmart

I saw them as soon as I pulled into the Walmart parking lot. The couple in the faded red sedan, about three spots over. She was stroking his face, pulling him in for a deep kiss. Their bodies pressed against the middle console. … Continue reading

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One of My Defining Moments as a Teacher, and I’d Take It Back If I Could.

Tim hung by the door as I walked up, a few minutes late to class. His pink hair, black eye liner, and neon tank presented a contrast to the individual I’d met the previous semester. Then, he’d worn his Appleby’s uniform as … Continue reading

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Winging It On the Web

I don’t like not knowing how to do things. You could say I’m a control freak, especially when it comes to creative endeavors.  So, after saying good riddance to my dissertation in May – becoming a bonafide PhD – I … Continue reading

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Harold Bloom, on Reading

Came across this today while reading. It reminds me of why I read, why I’ve devoted my life to literature in one way or another. Enjoy! There is no single way to read well, though there is a prime reason … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Grandpa K

I profiled my Grandpa K in an earlier post, and I’m sad to say he finally lost his battle with lung cancer two nights ago. He’d lived longer with it than anyone expected, only succumbing after nixing more rounds of … Continue reading

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