On Finishing My Dissertation and Feeling Pretty “Eh” About It

I’ve been in college now for fourteen years. FOURTEEN YEARS! This life phase has fully entered its teens, all sass and rebellion. I’ve been actively writing my dissertation for over three years, in the meantime spawning a tiny human, moving states, and teaching part time.

I have to make some minor dissertation revisions, but otherwise my time as a PhD student is over. I don’t even know what that means.

In many ways, nothing changes. I’m still planning on teaching part time and perhaps publishing some of my chapters. I’m super excited about a side project that might become a main project. For now, though, nothing will bring me greater joy than cleaning my house, watching TV, and perhaps painting my front door. (No, really. It’s a hideous biegey-orange color, and I’ve been waiting two years to eradicate it.)

The hubs keeps telling me I should be more excited, that we need to celebrate. I’m just not in the mood. Maybe that will change when I submit the thing for good? We will see.


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