Recent Jams: Jesca Hoop

I discovered Jesca Hoop last year when she opened for a Chris Thile’s band Punch Brothers. (Thile is amazing live. I’ve seen him a couple of times before with Nickel Creek, and his skill and showmanship never disappoint.)

Hoop came out with her guitar and proceeded to knock my socks off, playing a set of absolutely mesmerizing, beautiful music. Her albums include more accompaniment, which is great, but the stark simplicity of her solo performance fully highlighted her creativity and vocal chops.

Bit of trivia: She apparently nannied for Tom Waits’s children.

Her albums The House That Jack Built (2012)  and Hunting My Dress (2010) are most excellent. Here are some of my favorite songs overall, including the live renditions. I’ve been listening to them on and off since we saw her, and they keep getting better. Happy Friday!

“Born To”

“Born To” Live


“Tullip” Live

“Murder of Birds”

“Murder of Birds” Live

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2 Responses to Recent Jams: Jesca Hoop

  1. grimmreport says:

    Her voice sounds vaguely like Dido’s

    • Laura says:

      She does! I hadn’t made that connection, but I totally see it. I had no idea who was opening when we went to the concert. Talk about a good surprise!

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