A Love Poem for this Monday Morning: Nikki Giovanni’s “I Wrote a Good Omelet”

Because I woke up from a most delicious dream this Monday morning, here is a love poem for you: Nikki Giovanni’s “I Wrote a Good Omelet.” It perfectly captures the discombobulation of being in love.

“I Wrote a Good Omelet”

I wrote a good omelet...and ate a hot poem...
 after loving you

 Buttoned my car...and drove my coat home...in the
 after loving you

 I goed on red...and stopped on green....floating
      somewhere in between...
 being here and being there...
 after loving you

 I rolled my bed...turned down my hair...slightly
      confused but...I don't care...
 Laid out my teeth...and gargled my gown...then I stood
      ...and laid me down...
 to sleep...
 after loving you
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