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Recent Jams: Jesca Hoop

I discovered Jesca Hoop last year when she opened for a Chris Thile’s band Punch Brothers. (Thile is amazing live. I’ve seen him a couple of times before with Nickel Creek, and his skill and showmanship never disappoint.) Hoop came … Continue reading

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3am Poetry: Billy Collins’s “Insomnia”

Well crap. It’s 3:00 am, and I’m wide awake. (No, not lonely, although the 90s child in me did just geek out a bit). Tonight it’s money issues. I am so tired of nearly being in the red every month. … Continue reading

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Morning Poem: Ellen Bass’s “Pleasantville, New Jersey, 1955”

Saw this poem posted on Poetry Daily yesterday. I love its exploration of the urban experience, of being able to connect with one’s surroundings (natural or otherwise) and find one’s place in the “spiraling galaxy” of which we are all a … Continue reading

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In Which I Give Myself a Talking To…

My life is not hard. In fact, it’s downright cushy. By about 3:00pm today, though, I had thrown in the towel. Ragged from waking up early with the Beastie, I read all morning for my latest dissertation chapter. When said … Continue reading

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A Love Poem for this Monday Morning: Nikki Giovanni’s “I Wrote a Good Omelet”

Because I woke up from a most delicious dream this Monday morning, here is a love poem for you: Nikki Giovanni’s “I Wrote a Good Omelet.” It perfectly captures the discombobulation of being in love. “I Wrote a Good Omelet” … Continue reading

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