Lamp-In-A-Box Wonderfulness

We are at the beach with my family this week, but I am thoroughly grumpy today, all thanks to a sprained ankle, which I’m calling the Great Hilton Head Ankle Sprain Disaster (or G.H.H.A.S.D). I swear, that curb came outta nowhere.

So, to make myself feel better, I’ve been looking at these kick-ass lamps by Lamp-In-A-Box, which I first came across on a recent Book Riot post (“Awesome Bookish Lamps”). These come in pendant ($79.95) or table lamp ($36.95) form, each with a cylindrical shade perfect for myriad designs. The website provides a whole host of fantastic designs. No lie.

Variety of Lamps

Lamp-In-A-Box offers many tradition and art-related designs such as these:

Z Lamp

Deco Lamp






The company’s strong suit  though, relates to their vintage and geek-related designs.

They carry of number of classic Coke lamps, such as this:

Coke Lamp

Some also feature images of classic Fords:

Ford lamp

Hands down, my favorite are the sci-fi and comics designs. Check out these beauties!




And of course I love the Shakespeare shade:


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