Happy Moter’s Day…er…Mother’s Day. Oh dear.

This is what happens when you try to make a Mother’s Day card while also looking after a toddler. It might also indicate the sorry state of my spelling and proofreading skills.

Happy Mother's Day

There I was, happily coloring at the table whilst listening to the Beastie play in the living room. Perhaps I was imagining the sweet unicorn I was going to include (because every Mother’s Day card needs a sweet unicorn). And then, halfway through drawing the “e”….SHIT! Ugh, if I’d only realized I skipped the “h” sooner, I could have rescued the whole thing. And since we were due to eat breakfast at my parents’ house, I didn’t have time to start a new card. So I said fuck it and went with it. And honestly, I think it turned out pretty great. Happy Mother’s Day!

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