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Recent Jams: Songs from The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

I have been listening to these two songs on repeat for pretty much the past week. I am obsessed. They both appear on the soundtrack of Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby. (No surprise that he compiled a fantastic one). … Continue reading

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Prom Night and Sex…But Not In the Way You’re Thinking

Prom season wrapped up a while back, marking an end to the parade of couples taking pictures down at our local park. On a few particular Saturdays in April, instead of the walkers, runners, and families enjoying the outdoors, you’d … Continue reading

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Lamp-In-A-Box Wonderfulness

We are at the beach with my family this week, but I am thoroughly grumpy today, all thanks to a sprained ankle, which I’m calling the Great Hilton Head Ankle Sprain Disaster (or G.H.H.A.S.D). I swear, that curb came outta … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason Why Sir Patrick Stewart Rocks My World: On Taking a Stand Against Domestic Violence

Sir Patrick Stewart ranks highly on my list of excellent actors and all-around damned-good people. I remember his beautiful, shining head and liquid voice when he played Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: TNG. As a Shakespeare scholar, I have immense respect … Continue reading

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Billy Collins’s “The Lanyard”

Came across this Billy Collins poem, which is apt for Mother’s Day. I’m interested in its portrayal of debt and in how, as children, we fail to recognize our bankrupt state. To paraphrase the Black Widow, we will always have … Continue reading

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