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Doctor Who, “The Rings of Akhaten”: the Miraculousness of Being (and Cabbages and Kings)

I finally got around to watching the “The Rings of Akhaten,” the most recent episode of BBC’s Doctor Who. Overall, I thought it was entertaining and provided a compelling look into Clara’s  past. Some reviewers characterize the episode as just ho-hum. … Continue reading

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Extreme Poverty and the Heart of the Live Below the Line Challenge

Cleaning out my fridge today taught me two key lessons. 1) I am not nearly as clean as I think, because holy crap that thing was dirty. To be fair, I ended up taking out all the shelves and bins, … Continue reading

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On Dying an Unbeliever – Roger Ebert’s Thoughts on Death

Roger Ebert died today after a long battle with thyroid cancer. I was honestly too young to have paid much attention to his movie reviews, but he and Gene Siskel’s  iconic “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” method of critique has … Continue reading

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Nothing is Inevitable, Not Even America: David McCullough’s 1776

As a Victorianist, I honestly don’t read much American literature (or literature about America), which is odd since I’m American. My recent nighttime reading, however, included David McCullough’s 1776, an informative, engaging, and masterfully written exploration of this crucial year in … Continue reading

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